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Personal Safety Alarms for Women

Crime rates are increasing rapidly, and it becomes difficult to protect your family members all the time. Do you ever take a glance at the criminal report of the community? Are you 100% that your society is safe enough for you? What will you do in the case if someone attacks you? What will you do if you are alone in that street? There are many modern gadgets that you will resort for your protection purposes. In this article, you can find different stylish and attractive personal safety alarms for women. This type of safety gadgets for women resemble with USB or car keys. These gadgets are easy-to-carry, and their actions are always straightforward.

Картинки по запросу Personal Safety Alarms for Women

Personal alarm for women can scare criminals such as thieves & robbers and alert the community about the situation. What type of gadgets will work for you? What are the best safety alarms for women? Below you can learn the details of gadgets that are considered as the best women safety alarms. Let’s have a brief look at these alarms.

Vigilant Alarm with Backup Pin

Instead of watch batteries, this security alarm uses AAA’s technology. This 130db alarm is offering high rates of security measure and offers a longer runtime. Tested as the loudest alarming device ever, this Vigilant protection gadget offers multiple advantages such as

  • Offers long battery life
  • Activate the alarm by pulling up the chain
  • Except for its ripcord safety style, this device can also be activated by pressing a button

Moreover, with some extra power, this safety alarm also bears an integrated LED light that makes this gadget best for dark fumbling moments.

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BASU eAlarm+

Launched in 2016, this Robocop alarm made a massive splash in the market of safety alarms with its innovative design. Work like a hand grenade; women can keep this safety alarm with the strap of their bag, keychains, and even with belt loops. With innovative design, this safety alarm offers multiple benefits in a single package such as

  • Easy SOS trigger option
  • Create the 120 to 130db of alarming sound
  • The sleek design is waterproof
  • Activation is straightforward (you have to pull the key ring of the alarm)

The only minus point of this gadget is that its batteries are not changeable.

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Nalandto’s UPGRADE Personal Alarm

With silver heart charms, this safety alarm is specially designed for teenage girls. With ear-bursting sound, the characteristics of this alarm include

  • Made up with the rigid metal case
  • Heart shape pendants symbolize peace

The main downside of this gadget is its tumbler action. You’ll lose your precious time while performing two steps instead of one such as you have to pull off the plastic casing of the alarm before activating the left side button.

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ANRUI Emergency Alarm

Consider as the cheapest safety alarm, the sleek black and white design of this gadget will go best with any outfit and purse. Due to the easy-to-use method, crime control police also recommend the use of this device.  With ear-bursting sound, this alarming gadget offers multiple benefits such as

  • Firm metal casing
  • The floral pattern design looks stylish
  • Increase usability
  • Fits into a tight budget

The only downfall of this alarming gadget is that it doesn’t carry side carabiner that makes it sound low as compare to others.

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