AQAR 2016-17

AQAR 2016-17 of Jhanji H.N.S.College

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Inviting Quotation from the Registered Farm

 General Terms and Condition


  1. The Quotation will be received upto last date as mentioned in the Advertisement. After last date of the Quotation is not accepted.
  2. The Authority /Construction committee has rights to cancel Quotation without showing any cause.
  3. Suppliers /Firms having specially requisite VAT/TIN documents including Income Tax Return latest document.
  4. After Completion of works the suppliers firms will have to submit the bill with Bank details for payment to the undersigned .
  5. Payment will be made through RTGS.
  6. In case of incomplete supply of quoted materials payment will be stopped till cleared.

  Name of Works-

  1. Steel Door
  2. Steel Window with Grill
  3. Steel Ventilation with Grill
  4. Iron Gate



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